WordPress cms the ideal starting any project

In this article, we will talk a bit about WordPress. It is one of the most used and most prestigious CMS, especially for beginners and advanced users webmasters.
Wordpress, CMS preferred by bloggers

It is preferred for bloggers, next to Google cms cms: Blogger.

It is best for you, has stunning defining characteristics, below we present a few:

Very easy to install. No need for knowledge to run this on your web cms also with Spherical can install WordPress in seconds.
Many languages. It is available in almost every language in the world, and to translate, just make a couple of clicks.
Continuous updates. Almost every month for updates that allow many improvements over the cms, are not mandatory, but highly recommended.
Very easy to use. Nothing is as easy to use as WordPress, you do not have to have any advanced knowledge, only a little common sense. Also, your administration panel is very intuitive.
You can customize it to 100%. WordPress gives you the cms, and many companies make “themes” for wordpress for free and without advertising. You just have to find one you like and install it.
Free Software. It is a completely free and without charge cms, which has been awarded numerous prestigious awards in 2007 and 2009.
Plugins. You can install thousands of plugins to improve and optimize your website for free.

WordPress is the best option for most of the projects we want to make taking the minimum knowledge, it is suitable both for a corporate website or for a personal website.

Cloudflare – Optimize the website to the fullest for free

What is Cloudflare?

It is a completely free system. It functions as a proxy server between the visitor, the website and the server where (web or blog) is housed. Thus, many stores data últiles visitors to seo optimization and to make money with ads also sometimes protects malwares and DDoS attacks.
CloudFlare secures and accelerates your web sites for free

CloudFlare secures and accelerates your web sites for free

What advantages does using Cloudflare?

Use of this free system has numerous advantages and benefits which you can draw. Below we present some of its many or many advantages.

It is demonstrated by studies that the faster upload your website or blog, visitors remain longer in it and subvisitas would. So Cloudflare, using proxy servers, improved loading speed as the location of these servers are spread around the world and if a visitor is closer to the server, faster load (also depending on the speed of your internet hired).
It protects you from DDoS attacks and infiltration files or malwares in database of your website. Also improves safety as search engines are concerned. All thanks to the “Project Honey Pot” application and a team of specialists.
If a visitor with a virus on your PC you visit, Cloudflare the alert and give you tips to remove and prevent you passing it on your website.
More statistics for your website.
To access the web though your hosting servers are fallen. This is because cache memory (obviously, a user must’ve visited before to access your site offline).

Meet services Cloudflare full details by visiting their website. This is a service that fully recommend to accelerate the distribution of your website and also increase the positioning and visits your website, so Cloudflare comes preinstalled on every hosting plan milHost.

Statistics Web – free services to know visitors

In this short article, we’ll explain which are the statistics of a website or a blog.

What are the statistics of a website?

Are all features that bring visitors to your website, such as the average time duration of the visit, search keywords, visitor behavior within web, and many more things that we show you further down.
Free Analysis Statistics for your website

Free Analysis Statistics for website

Web statistics let you know your visitor know where you check to why acceded via the web. This is very important because it is a way of recognizing what is being done well in a website. Web statistics also let you know details of your website, for example how long it takes to load, which are the most visited places, etc. We’ll let you two examples that we believe are the two most recommended companies that offer free web stats service.

Google Analytics Very reliable and recommended. It is the largest company in this field and will remain so for long. It is the most complete and suitable for beginners. Furthermore, it is free and helps you to some extent, with the SEO of your website or blog.

Clicky  is a good alternative to Google Analytic  because it offers very detailed and real statistics, such as monthly custom reports. Note that each day more websites Clicky used as a means to view statistics for their websites, its main feature is the ability to perform detailed real-time tracking.

Clicky Web Stats in real time

Services Web statistics

- Number of views: You can see the number of visitors accessing your website.

- Real Time: You can even see the number of visitors is now in your website and what page they are visiting (only available in some companies web statistics)

- Key and organic search words: You can see that people searched Google for your website that has appeared and have visited, this is called “Keyword” or “Keyword“.

In addition to external services  statistics can have internal services to analyze all the data in detail. For example you can use Aw Stats is an excellent provider of highly detailed information on everything related to visitors coming to your site and where these visit. Consults come with your hosting provider to see if this service is available for your website.

How to install WordPress

WordPress is the leading application in terms of content management (CMS) is concerned, and in turn, the recommended software used by various webmasters and communities worldwide, for creating blogs, magazines, portfolios and websites integers .

There are 2 ways to install WordPress on your website, the first and the most easy to do, it’s automatically using an automatic software installer, as Softaculous or Fantastic, just to name a few; and the second way is to install it manually, using an FTP client and some instructions.

The first form, as mentioned above, is the most simple, and we need to do much work, just go fill some fields and the software installed everything for us; On the other hand, the second way seems a little complicated, but also gives us the ability to customize certain aspects of WordPress, such as language, the default template used and the configuration database and others.

Installing WordPress with Softaculous:

With Softaculous install WordPress is very easy and quick, simply log on to our CPanel, which usually is in a similar direction to this: http://www.midominio.com:2083

Where midominio.com, is replaced by the dominance of our current site.
Step 1 to install wordpress in cpanel logging

In this case my address would be as follows:


We enter the username and password that were assigned to us when purchasing our hosting plan.

Step 2 Select the installation of wordpress in softaculous

We chose the option to install WordPress with Softaculous Installer, as shown in the image:

We click install or install depends on whether they have the CPanel in English or Spanish:

Step 3 click where it says install wordpress

Fill the data you ask, and we click the install button

Step 4 fill in the details of installing the blog

In the section that asks us the directory where it will be installed, we recommend that you leave empty to be installed in the root of your site, unless you already have something in your website, and want to use this facility as an extra in his site, either as a portfolio, blog news site, or something else.

Step 5 put a username and password attempting to use a strong password

wordpress-installation-6Al complete the installation will have a website with WordPress installed, ready to use.

Here the result of my installation: http://tutoriales.milhost.net/

WordPress blog installed in 6 simple steps

Greetings !!