Reseller Web Hosting Explained

Reseller web hosting is a web hosting service that re-bundles services available from real hosts or primary providers. Reseller web hosting could be an individual or small business that makes use of the bandwidth and web servers of a higher tier provider or primary host and resells the same to the customers by offering value added services like web designing, domain registration and web programming.

Most real hosting companies allow reseller web hosting in order to boost their sales. Recently, a significant number of web hosting businesses have infiltrated the internet with an eye on the ever-growing number of people who are jumping online. In order to remain competitive, hosting companies look for ways to market their services to a greater number of people rather than offering their services individually. This leads to the business of reseller web hosting accounts. In reseller web hosting, real hosts are able to generate bulk businesses and delegate individual clients to reseller servers. In turn, reseller web hosting businesses look after some individual client’s needs. This is a win-win situation for both, since real hosts will have an intermediary in the form of reseller web hosting to individual customers without having to attend to them one by one. The reseller is also able to put up a business and earn income without having to shell out capital outlays. Although in some instances they do compete with each other for a fair share of the web hosting market, the real hosts can still benefit from this set-up considering they do charge a certain amount from resellers.

The services offered by a reseller web hosting service do not really differ from a real host. As a matter of fact, reseller web hosting offers more features to the customers. Due to the added value services, reseller web hosting can offer web design and programming services to each customer that are often times not possible from real hosts. Real hosts tend to focus on bulk accounts and corporate clients. Reseller web hosting offers value added services to customers in order to maintain a competitive edge against bigger web hosting services.

Reseller web hosting is also better able to establish friendly relationship with their customers that go beyond the contract terms. This is the secret for those successful reseller web-hosting services. They fill the need that bigger hosting servers cannot provide. Those who want to start a reseller web hosting business are advised to look for a real host, such as Hostgator or It is very easy to obtain a reseller account from a real host these days.

If you need simple hosting services for your web site and you prefer to have personal attention from the web host for design and programming then a reseller web hosting account is highly recommended. However, if you have a business website that requires complex e-commerce solutions, have a very large number of customers accessing your web site or you have a large number of websites to be hosted, a reseller hosting would probably not suffice. This is particularly true for e-businesses. For this, you need a real host provider for your web site.

How much space do need for website?

You may have seen in any web hosting company offering absurd amounts of GB, 20, 50 or 100 GB, and made you think is “better” a hosting plan to have more disk space.harddisk-300x225

“I can fit more stuff” might have thought, but the reality is that is unusual need a lot of disk space for a website, a blog, or email accounts.

The reality is quite different, most likely will not need more than 1 GB to have a website with multimedia content, databases, and a good use of email accounts.

A web page consists of many small files, as you know. This is the html or php files, for example, that are needed for operation, plus photos, or any other type of document you on the page.

In addition, the space occupied by your website, you have to keep in mind that your email accounts and your databases are also going to use the disk space.
It is a website that we did as an example to teach install and configure WordPress. This hosting account, including all the files that make up the Web, and databases, occupies 44 MB.

It is a website which would add more content, because it is a blog. The size will go up, but if we put the pictures with a reasonable size, consumption should not rise too.

If you add to that mail, the figure will go up, but always keep in mind that the mail function does not send and receive large files, so it should not rise much. Also, you can always download mail from the server to your computer, and configure your Outlook deleting it go as download, and thus consumption would be zero.
Disk space we offer

For many years our simple plan has been to 1 GB disk space, and has never been a problem for our customers. Someone always needs more, if for example will go up many documents, audio or video, but it is not usual.

We continue to 1GB with our simple plan, because it is still more than enough, and you can move to a higher plan at any time if necessary.

What we want to convey is that our hosting plans are conceived and designed with reasonable quantities, and we know that in practice are sufficient.

The amazing story of domain registration

More than fifteen years ago when we bought our first domain, things were not as now, obviously.teayudamos-150x150

There was only one registrar who had a monopoly on the registration of domains: Network Solutions (now Verisign), and sold at $ 35. Also, there was a minimum recording time of 2 years.

The worst thing was that you could not register if you had some DNS servers to assign the domain. That is, you could not register it for use later. In addition, any changes are made by email, and you had to use specific templates for each issue. Change always took 48 hours to propagate.

The free market:

At the end of 99 the market was liberalized, and new registrars began to appear, with a significant drop in prices, and facilities for the registration and domain configuration.

They also began to appear the first extra services, like redirects or DNS services, which in principle were as expensive as a domain.

Some of these services were doing almost essential, and many companies have incorporated the price of domains.

The problem is that today, with so many registrars, nobody knows how much it should be worth a domain, or what options should lead included in the price.

Domains almost given away:

Today is easy to find companies with aggressive practices and huge advertising investment. It seems that give the domains, and then use all sorts of tricks to make you pay more, to force you to renew with them, or just give you a terrible service.

There are those who will sell the domain dirt cheap and then they charge for everything else you might need.

In Spain, the first recorders (with some exceptions) quickly inflated their prices to take advantage of its dominant position. Worse still some (not give names, but they are the main ones) that still maintains this type of own prices last century.

The problem is that being the cheapest is not a good idea. Not allowed to give good service, and you can always appear someone willing to lower prices than you, or even lose money with domain registration, as they do now a few companies.

The key is that we have maintained over the years with a consistent pricing policy, with the times, and we believe that our customers have responded favorably to our way of doing things.

We have chosen to charge whatever necessary to give good service, no more, no less, and with all the extras already included. Obviously since we are not the cheapest, but we still have exorbitant prices.

But sometimes, when we look for “domain” in Google, and see all kinds of ambiguous concepts, foreign prices, limited offers and domains quality”, we enter the nostalgia and wish to re-time Network Solutions
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Register your domains with us
Without stories, all inclusive from the outset

All free extras
Domain forwarding and email
Private Whois included
Excellent support

Chrome book: The new laptop from Google.For people like you!

Did you ever imagine on and use a laptop in just 8 seconds? Did you imagine without a hard drive? Did you imagine ever not depend on an antivirus or anti spyware? Or perhaps no longer be pending updates from your programs ?, Because the new concept has long dreamed and is now a reality and is an integrated, Google will launch from the June 15 Chrome book equipment laptop whose operating system is based entirely on Cloud Computing, so what is Cloud Computing ?. translated would be Cloud Computing” and is the new and revolutionary concept that focuses on working, store and interact exclusively online using pre installed on an Internet server programs, which means you no longer have the problem of searching computers with programs you need for your work, so you change computers you will always have your files and favorite programs, and all through the Google Chrome browser. You just need a permanent connection to the Internet.

Computing  my humble opinion, I summarize this new product will be useful for most users, not only economically and avoid investing in the medium term much money on programs, updates, and / or rely on technical support when it Averie your computer caused by viruses, among others, as everything can get from the same shop Chromebook (Chrome web Store), but also enjoy the speed, functionality and security that many users today demand. Google has a Background and high quality support shown throughout its existence, enough reason to trust any of their products. It is also necessary to note that Chrome book was intended (a part of the common user) as a tool that can be directed as the business sector (Chrome Box) and for the education sector (Chrome for School) support, however I think it will take some time to business sector apply this concept effectively (at least not yet) as these have varied computer architecture and various methodologies. It will be difficult at first but not impossible.
Chromebook, seeing is believing

On high speed

Connecting and permanent synchronization

High connectivity, always with you

Safety all

Always updated

You will have thousands of applications

And how much does it cost?

The Chromebook will be sold in the US market, part of Europe (Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the UK) and internationally only by some large wholesale stores and through two partner brands for now, the Acer Chromebook US $ 349 .oo and Samsung, the latter with 2 models: the Samsung Chrome book Series 5 Arctic White WiFi model of US $ 429.oo and Samsung Chrome book Series 5 Arctic White 3G model of US $ 499.oo and can get them from 15 June this year by: (main reference of Google), and

Google will also offer monthly subscription plans (rent) for three years: for companies up to $ 28.oo dollars and $ 20.oo for educational institutions.


Like everything in this world, Chromebook disclaims not have bad points, the matter could read:

Inevitable and permanent Internet connection.
Be subject to the coverage of your ISP.
Not all applications Chrome Web Store are free (but not many and not as expensive happily).
It has no Ethernet port.
It will demand more security from the user to access their data.
Distrust (For some) to deposit all your private information to a computer company.
And surely appear lower that context and in a short time after its release (and will address these issues soon).

Did you know …

The Cloud Computing can be integrated quickly with new business applications
You can also use your Gmail, Calendar and Google Docs in offline mode, just by setting the computer, so you can go back to work until grips connection.
Many IT companies today are guiding the development of their systems to the famous Cloud Computing (Cloud Computing)
More than 160 million users worldwide use the Google Chrome browser
Google will charge only 5% of the price put free programmers to offer their applications in the Chrome Web Store (Online shop for Chromebook)
The prototype Chromebook was the Cr-48 and introduced in late 2010

Web design

Web design involves the planning, design and development of a website. But that serves a website ?. A website can have countless uses: to sell or promote products or services, publish articles or news reporting, customer loyalty, etc.

For example, now are you in a site that aims to provide web services. So we also have to, a website that aims to make searches and so we could enumar countless places that exist and are updated hourly.

Web design unlike graphic design, is oriented as its name implies the web, for that takes into account different aspects for creating a website as the formats of files, images, navigability, usability and others.

in Website home you can find everything you need to create your website starting design, domain hosting and programming services to create a website that suits your needs.

WordPress cms the ideal starting any project

In this article, we will talk a bit about WordPress. It is one of the most used and most prestigious CMS, especially for beginners and advanced users webmasters.
Wordpress, CMS preferred by bloggers

It is preferred for bloggers, next to Google cms cms: Blogger.

It is best for you, has stunning defining characteristics, below we present a few:

Very easy to install. No need for knowledge to run this on your web cms also with Spherical can install WordPress in seconds.
Many languages. It is available in almost every language in the world, and to translate, just make a couple of clicks.
Continuous updates. Almost every month for updates that allow many improvements over the cms, are not mandatory, but highly recommended.
Very easy to use. Nothing is as easy to use as WordPress, you do not have to have any advanced knowledge, only a little common sense. Also, your administration panel is very intuitive.
You can customize it to 100%. WordPress gives you the cms, and many companies make “themes” for wordpress for free and without advertising. You just have to find one you like and install it.
Free Software. It is a completely free and without charge cms, which has been awarded numerous prestigious awards in 2007 and 2009.
Plugins. You can install thousands of plugins to improve and optimize your website for free.

WordPress is the best option for most of the projects we want to make taking the minimum knowledge, it is suitable both for a corporate website or for a personal website.

The basics about SEO you should know BLOG / SEO

Place your website, understanding search engines, improving the information on your site, link with your social networks and adjust to the different devices are the basic tips you need to make your website reach the top in Google and the other seekers.Much has been said about SEO, web positioning, on GOOGLE.

The internet is full of this material, since positioning techniques apply to what is called the SEO BLAK.


The truth is that to position your website you need to consider a few things:
The main thing is to understand the seeker. Both GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO or other aim to provide the best possible response to the user according to the relevance of the sites and their consistency as search.
So to be in the top search in the search engines you need to include in our website the original quality information and it must be well written and easy to understand language.
Eventually this information will be that will give us the necessary relevance to position in search engines.
Another point to consider is the importance of social networks to increase the relevance of our website, likes, tweets relevance given that needed to be positioning ourselves.
In the last five years with the appearance of them intelligent, tablets and other portable devices mobile phones, search engines have also been adapted to this and searchers also found in them so if your website is not optimized for these devices feel disadvantage.
All this combined with good coding of your website, the proper use of tags and site download speed of it will you gain ground against others.
And finally, have patience.

How to get free access to high speed internet legally

You can get access to free high speed Internet legally on any laptop or wireless enabled mobile device by connecting to hotspots free Wi-Fi, public. Today we find that many malls, restaurants, cafes, public libraries, bookstores and hotels offer free wireless high speed internet service as an “added value” to customers. In some establishments with free high speed internet, you can automatically connect to the wireless network without a password. In other free networks, you need to get a network password from the property before connecting to the Internet.

For this we recommend taking simple steps:

Step 1:

Verify that you have access
To free wireless high-speed Internet in its current location. Many of the establishments that have this type of service to the public show a small warning “Wi-Fi” on the door or window to let customers know about this service.

Step 2:

Change the wireless Internet adapter for your laptop. In most portable gadgets, this is enabled by default, while others will have to change a button that says “Wireless” or “Wi-Fi” this is mostly in the front or side of the laptop to keep in the “On” position.

Step 3:

Click the “Network” icon in the notification area of the taskbar on your desktop (in the case of a laptop). This opens a dialog that lists all available local networks.

Step 4:

Locate the correct network that shown in the list that says Wireless Network Connection” in the dialog box. The network name normally includes the name of the organization or establishment that offers this free service, so for example, we could have Jockey Plaza Wireless Internet“.

Step 5:
Security code into the input field above. This may have it a receptionist or an employee of the local. If you are accessing a network
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free, then you will not need to enter some password.

Step 6:

Click the “OK” button. This connects to the computer freely for a legal free high speed wireless Internet.
Did you know …

If the router is not positioned in the ideal signal uptake site, it may lose power when it is received in the WiFi.
The wireless signal emitted by the router is 360 degrees for 50 meters range (average).
The WiFi router loses power when being urged by wireless or cordless phones that use components a frequency of 2.4 GHz
The WiFi antennas extending its signal through various channels, but if positioned where it has little interference this can give you better signal potential.

Prevent access to Web sites of banking or financial services while using free internet connections in public and open networks. One last tip, download Google Chrome for free access to high speed internet to log in on a public Wi-Fi hotspot. It’s free and installs in seconds.

Wrap yourself online with the highest speed!

Repotencie your company with Instagram

While Instagram has earned a reputation as application declared commonly used in social media, facilitated in some way for the user to become a decent photographer through smartphones. So much has been spreading this application, some entrepreneurs have been using this free social media platform to market and sell their products.

Companies can start using this new type of social media as a way to promote your company. People in general love to see strong visual images, so that the publication of photographs of products closer and closer to customers and businesses alike.

So how can you use your company Instagram to market their products? Here are some examples:

Geo tagging

In the latest update of Instagram, users now have the option to label a specific place with its images, which are saved in a personal photo map. These in turn can share with their followers.

This is great if you have a physical location (shopping store, restaurant or any business), this is ideal even if you travel by city or country. If you have booths at local craft fairs or other events where promotes your products, then you can take advantage of the application Geo tagging, because when taking a photo and tag your location, your followers will know where to find him.

Look Inside

The idea behind social media is sharing. By having this application, you will have the opportunity to reach them on a more personal level. Take pictures of your staff, and snapshots of their upcoming products to give them a look. If you are on the road, take some pictures along the way. Show your followers a real sense of what it’s like behind the scenes to make them feel like a part of the brand.

Use Hashtags

If you use Twitter, then you know how hashtags can be effective in sharing common themes in the network. Similarly the user can use their photos on Instagram. Use labels that relate to your business or industry to make it easy to find people. For example, if you have a jewelry, you can While you do need to pay your phone bill and your rent, doing so does not have any impact on much of an your credit reports rating. use hashtags such as jewelry, rings or
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necklaces. Search hashtags (tags) popular online  that are being used by similar marks and add them to your images.

Promote contests

People love the chance to win prizes and you can use Instagram to promote a photography contest, this is an exciting way to give them what they want. So the owner of a business user can ask her to send a photo of them using your product and then choose a winner among them fans.

There are a number of ways to get to be creative and get more followers by promoting a contest using Instagram. His followers will share it with their friends, who also want to join the fun.

Market your events

If your company will be present at a trade show or convention, take pictures and tag your location so that your followers know what is happening around your business. If you are holding a big sale, take a picture of your sales brochure for your followers to see. This is also a good way to make their fans feel closer to their brand, especially its offers a VIP discount, only users who follow on Instagram.

Instagram was bought by Facebook for around $ 1 billion. That certainly is a sure sign that this application is an important part in social media. When deploying to Instagram in their marketing strategy, surely count on a very important tool.

How to Get Web Development and Online Marketing at low cost

In This time of economic crisis, trying to Avoid the possible Increased spending in Developing inject our website or update the existing deserved dose of online marketing to reach more customers, but due to economic pressure Often we are forced leave them on standby or simply die trying. But as is well Known, in Difficult Times collaboration and imagination take Control and solutions flow of practical and simple, that’s why not long ago, Began to portals web (platforms) for micro jobs harboring a huge Appear staff entrepreneurs freelance professional, technical and empirical , Offering Their services all at super-affordable prices from 5 or $ 5 or more.

Among the services offered Preferred are:

Website development
Followers for social networks
Basic SEO to Increase the popularity of your website
Creating logos for your company or product
Graphic Design Web
Programming for specific solutions
social Marketing
Online Marketing Experts
Bloggers and Journalists freelance
graphic Designers
editors video
Micro-entrepreneurs on the Internet
Sellers ebooks
Translators word
and more …

How do they work?

It’s simple, first you register formally on the website or you connect with your Facebook account (for That, you must first log into Facebook) then you look for the service you need, eleven you find it, you click on the offerwill display a brief description of the service as employee data, delivery time, service rating by customers, price, etc. Once you’re convinced you hire.

The recruitment process is simple, you pay in advance via Paypal or credit card, but Who Gets the money is not the employee, but the goal, the same is the one to make the transaction as intermediary, and Canceled only work if the client is satisfied with the outcome.

Tips to Consider

Before choosing the employee, first check your review and read reviews left by customers (buyers)
Once underway the contract, do not ignore the alerts (e) send you the website, Because in Original will report on the progress of your work or termination thereof, Otherwise last 48 hours, your work will be Given as solved.
It is not safe to make deals outside the gate, and you will not have any protection or rise to claims-
Sometimes the employees MOST Sought delay in delivery, but just get your result.
Beware the likes of Facebook, seeks likes offer you with real and fictitious own Those That only created to thicken your list of followers profiles. (Facebook Launched an operation to block the fan pages Having fictitious likes, but  campaign HAD ITS initial impact on USA and May be extended). If unsure, hire another service offered Preferred ADS to Facebook.
If you ever opt for services in Original, valuing the jobs Collaborating Have you ordered, so we WHO Helped many employees have a good performance and incidentally aid to Increase STI in Original portals to offer with good quality.

Did you know …

There are other portals micro jobs in Spanish as: Gigs Bag, for 5 Turkeys, entre otros.
There are others in Inglés as Fiverr, Extra Fans, Buy Traffic, Sociallers, All Pluss, and more.
The prices of the works range from $ 5.00 to Nearly US $ 700.00
Many web development agencies in Original flock to sites by specific solutions
Also You can sign up to offer your services as a freelance employee
Some freelance employees of These portals eat to earn up to US $ 4,000 monthly
and the website has an obligation to protect yourself from scammers, etc Also Protects employees from unscrupulous customers waiting to get the result and then a not pay, in  case, the site Retains the subscriber client money and Derives the employee if His demand is fair.
These types of services are Also known as Gigs.